Friday, August 29, 2014

Tonight @ Charlie-O's: Boomslang & Enemy Self

Friday night rap party at Charlie-O's. A hard recipe to beat, if you're looking for a good time. Headlining the hootenanny: hometown heroes Boomslang, who've had a busy 2014. There will be some intense instrumental sets from two of the 802's finest producers, Skysplitter Ink and Loupo. Skysplitter Ink has been insanely prolific this year, working behind the boards on dozens of rap albums for artists around the world and still finding time to tour with his rap group, Somewhere in the Solution. The young shogun Loupo is hot off the release of both a solo album on LA label Cold Busted, and the excellent Jenke Arts collaboration Agent Slacker.

The festivities will also feature the debut of Enemy Self, a long time veteran of 802 hip hop who has recently released his experimental album "Evolution Kills." If you're in Montpelier, there is simply no other place to be.

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