Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Jibba? or Giblet the Gent?


Southern Vermont Hip-hop artist Jibba "The Gent" is teaming up with J Gibbs Engineering and Sheri's Place Bar and Grill to give away a Turkey Dinner to a family in need. It's a simple contest, all you have to do is nominate a family or person in need and send a message to J Gibbs explaining why they deserve a free dinner. The winner receives 4 ticket's to Jibba's Birthday Bash with Slaine and Termanology and the nominated family receives a Butterball Turkey Dinner with "all the fixins"! Win-win right? Share away folks! It's for a good cause, official contest rules are below.

Jay L Gibbs and I are teaming up to give away a FREE turkey today!
To enter the contest follow these steps:
* Watch this video and share it (sharing isnt necessary but is appreciated)
* Nominate a family or friend in need by messaging J Gibbs Engineering LLC
* Tell us why you are nominating this family or friend. (Touch our hearts 💖)
* Watch our new video tomorrow night 11/22 at 6PM when we reveal the winner of the Turkey and concert tickets!
🎁 Winner recieves 4 concert tickets to Jibba's Birthday Bash with Slaine and Termanology
and the nominated family or friend wins the Turkey!


Monday, November 13, 2017

ROUNDUP: Brief Intermissions

Dropped out for a minute there, sorry folks. Things have been hectic, in a good way. We'll get back to our normal schedule by Turkey Day. In the meantime, though, I owe you some quick updates, no?

First of all, the Food for Thought Tour is in full swing. Props for making The Addison Independent. Props for raising money to feed hungry families, one of those rare causes that absolutely nobody can really argue with because it is so Obviously Good For All Mankind. Coming up this week: Flask Lounge (ME) and then...

Anthill's 3rd Thursday at The Monkey House will be a doozy, with Jarv & Mister burns swinging through to headline alongside Boomslang, who just dropped their new album Attack the Vampire. Things kick off with Prism GBA and Modest, who celebrates the release of his new EP, Harder Times Bring Harder Rhymes. 9 pm. 18+ $8 / 21+ $3.

In other big news, Jibba "The Gent" is going to be throwing a birthday party show at The Rusty Nail in Stowe on December 9th. Headlining the evening will be Slaine and Termanology, fresh off their new collab album Anti-Hero. (Which bangs, by the way.) Also on the bill: Bar None The Best and Hitmen For Hire -- a new project featuring Raw Deff, Judge Da Beast and Yung Breeze. Expect all fire bars from some of the 802's best spitters.

That show is being promoted by 6ix5ive6ix Records and Hustle, Loyalty & Respect Ent, with additional sponsorship from J Gibbs Engineering and Springfield-based restaurant Sherri's Place. It takes a village to make a scene to work. Big thanks to everyone supporting hip hop in the 802.

On Friday, legendary hardcore venue Jim's Basement will be hosting some hip hop: Self Portrait and Face One will be delivering an evening of choice beats and rhymes. If you don't know about Jim's Basement, bud, ask around. Usual rules apply: $5 donation for the band. No Jerks Allowed. It's a policy that works.

Friday, November 3, 2017

TONIGHT - Food for Thought Tour Kicks Off in Winooski

This weekend kicks off with a hip hop celebration at The Monkey House in Winooski. To launch their Food For Thought Tour in proper form, Mister Burns and Jarv are bringing their crews to the party: Cultural Chemistry and Maiden Voyage will both be doing sets tonight, along with NH standout talent Cody Pope.

There will also be games, prizes, raffles -- expect a party. Fun starts at 9 pm. Free, 21+

Thursday, November 2, 2017

GOOD WTHR is Coming

For a long time now, Pro (The Aztext) and Kin (UnKommon) have been quietly putting in work on a new project, GOOD WTHR. There's a ton of studio experience between those two, and they've been polishing carefully in the lab with Nastee.

Based on what I've heard of their upcoming debut LP, Somewhere Shining, it's going to be big, ambitious and melodic boom bap. It's also a heavy, personal album dedicated to the legacy of Ryan Morin, aka DJ BP. They address themes like fatherhood, our fracturing society, and of course, coming to terms with loss. There are some outstanding guest spots and hooks, too.

We're almost exactly a month out: Somewhere Shining will drop on December 3rd. Expect to see a lot more noise on the way.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Nov. 25th: 10th Annual Ruckus Cup Classic in Portland, ME

"Rap Night" is a venerable Yankee tradition dating back to the 1700's, celebrated today in Manchester, NH and Portland, ME -- the original location. The crew behind Maine's rap night have been doing big annual emcee battles for ten years now...which brings us to 10th Annual Ruckus Cup Classic.

There's been no shortage of discussion about Who Is The Best Rapper so far in 2017, and most of those discussions are fucking pointless. Nobody can agree on which measurements matter, or what kind of accomplishments define achievement. On November 25th, there is going to be a real rap battle with real judges for real money. A thousand US dollars type real money.

This will be bringing in talent from all over New England, so if you wanted to make a name for yourself, this is probably the right time and the right place.

Probably comes with an important disclaimer, though: they're doing signups at 8pm the day of the event. No word yet on how many slots are available, but that is something to consider before you commit to a road trip.

Odds are pretty good the contestants will be performing front of a sold out house, too. In a rare nod to the four elements, there are also going to be DJ battles and a breaking exhibition in the building. This event is 18+ and advance tickets are $18. Doors at 8 pm: again, be there at 8 pm to sign up for the battle.

Monday, October 30, 2017

HALLOWEEN: Jonwayne at Club Metronome

Jonwayne emerged from LA's legendary Low End Theory, the same scene that gave us Flying Lotus and Anderson Paak. He's currently a month into his first big tour, in support of Rap Album Two, which is the actual, real name of his second album. He is rolling with Danny Watts, a remarkably gifted Texas spitter who quit his job at CostCo for this tour.

Local support will come courtesy of Loupo, which is a very tasty and appropriate choice for a Signal Kitchen to make. Kudos to the chef.

Show is 18+. Tickets are $13 adv, $15 at the door.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Rainy Thursday Update

Bad news first: Fear Fest is postponed, which is to say, not happening this weekend. Location problems at the last minute forced their hand and the team at Yours Truly Inc is trying to line up a new venue and date.

Much better news: BTV rapper NOtation is back with a fresh single and a slick new black and white video to match: "Get Up" features a slamming David Chief beat and some hella decent luxury sedans. Dig it.

In other news: I missed the opportunity to mark the one year anniversary of Judge Da Beast's LP, "Arraignment." It's a raw, solid debut. Links: CD Baby / Apple Music / Amazon

Judge Da Beast has a lot more on the way, including a project coming out next month with Raw Deff and Yung Breeze, Hitmen For Hire -- another opening salvo from the Street Religion movement.

In comeback news: there's another fresh video out this week, and it's Walshie Steeze teaming up with some of the Lynguistic fam for a feel-good summer single. Given how 2017 has been, that actually makes sense at the end of October...hell, I mowed the lawn in shorts two days ago. "It's All Good" features LC and Mike "Philly" Fulton, and it's a slice off his upcoming solo LP, The Walsh Street Journal.

Remember, this will be a packed weekend of shows: two hot tickets tomorrow night with Boomslang's Album Release Party in Montpelier and Manus + Friends popping in Winooski, and a very impressive lineup for Mics and Strikes on Saturday at Champlain Lanes. From here, it's Halloween parties and the Food For Thought Tour kickoff. Enjoy the moment.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Raw Deff x Learic - "Raw Learics"

A hot single out of nowhere? This is a good Monday so far. Two outstanding verses, right here. "Raw Learics" is a funky wall of soul slices produced by DoomDaWiz, a boom bapist fundamentalist from Cape Verde.

No word on whether there's a new project on the way, but Raw Deff stays busy -- it was only a year ago that he put out his last LP, Extraordinary Failure.

Aside from upcoming Cultural Chemistry releases, Learic is also putting the finishing touches on an album with Es-K that promises to be something special. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

TONIGHT: Brzowski, Wool See & Jibba "The Gent" @ Monkey House

The latest edition of Anthill's 3rd Thursday series will feature Portland, ME legend / rap hobo Brzowski, who recently released his new LP Emnityville. Check out the video for Leave It All Behind:

Also on the bill: Jibba "The Gent," one of the 802's 2017 MVPs, and Wool See, a recent transplant from Portland, OR, who is perhaps better known as rapper/producer IAME of Oldominion and Sandpeople.

Opening sets include Drive and Khaosity, who just released his first single on Heartless Ent, "Legend." 9 pm. 18+ $8 / 21+ $3.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Jarv & Mister Burns announce Food For Thought Tour

Before the salad days of Lynguistic Civilians came to an end, they'd established a Thanksgiving tradition of 1) doing heavy-duty local tours that 2) had a strong charity / foodbank component. The Tossin' Turkeys Tour was always a success, and it always brought the Civilians crew to some new venues and out-of-the-way towns.

Some traditions are worth maintaining, and it's good to see this one making a comeback.

The Food For Thought Tour will see Jarv and Mister Burns run a marathon around New England through the month of November, thanks to sponsorship assistance from Switchback Brewing and a host of other 802 businesses (to wit: surf-styled restaurant The Spot, Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Pajamagram and the Rail City Hat Company, who will have a booth at the upcoming East Coast Indie Jam on the 20th.)

Along the way, they'll be playing from Rhode Island to Maine, wrapping things up with back-to-back homecoming gigs at Arts Riot and Champlain Lanes. Power moves, in other words. Great work, gentlemen.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Oct. 20th - East Coast Indie Jam @ Club Metronome

Calling a Club Metronome gig a "Music Festival and Networking Event" may sound like a stretch, but Colby Stiltz has out-done himself with this one. Featuring six vendor booths and no less than thirty two acts over the course of the evening, this is Kind Of A Big Deal. Superfan & scene documenter Brett North Photography will also be in the building.

The lineup: Spocka Summa and Friends, Colby Stiltz, Dommy Divine, Split Soul, Twentypiece, and Swizzy B are the featured acts. Special guests include Jibba "The Gent," Eyedos, BL SPITZ, Trono & J Kanga, David Chief doing a DJ set, Faded Flow, Madscatta, D French, Wes the Best, Jacobsen, Rycoon, DJ TJ, JMC ENT, Corty Booth, Smoove Boy Jay, Khaosity, King Dyno, DJ Ace on Earth, Jordy Riv, Damian Raye, Drive, DZY, Big Skrilla, It's Ant & Al Tree, Tony-O & Lazy, and Johnny Haze. Is that some kind of Club Metronome record? Serious question.

Anyways, a packed night and a big networking opportunity -- definitely a lot better than Facebook, at least. Make plans. 8 pm. 21+. FREE SHOW.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Oct. 27th - Manus + Friends @ The Monkey House

Manus Dunbar will be rocking Burlington once again on Friday the 27th -- his first gig in Vermont since the 2016 Sound Affects Showcase at Waking Windows. He's a resident of Los Angeles these days, but Manus was one of the founding members of VT Union.

LA has been treating him well. His recent single Animebae is being featured on Comedy Central show Broad City -- apparently the first of several features this season. Hell yeah, bud.

Manus + Friends will also feature globe-trotting DJ superstars Lazerdisk with Berk Visual doing live art, a set from beatsmith / hometown hero Loupo and raps from HC, aka Hank Collins, who snagged a Seven Daysies nomination this year. A damn fine lineup, in other words. 9 pm. 21+ $5. 18+ $10

Monday, October 9, 2017

Loki x Pensive x Rico James - "Good Food"

The past five years has been one of the longest continuous growth spells that Vermont hip hop has ever seen. The "Vermont Artists" list over on the right side of your screen is proof of that much; it's been a boom lately. Having lots of artists means we're going to see a lot of collaboration from here on out -- and the cross-pollination of our homegrown strains will lead to exotic new highs.

Or at least, some damn good food. LoKi and Pensive are the prime movers behind Milkhaus Records, one of the purest "art rap" outfits the 802 has ever seen. They've been making some strong additions to their catalog this year -- from the earthy Avanti! to the cosmic concept album ET to LoKi's one-day album project 0-25 (The 24hr Challenge), it's been a busy 2017.

This latest single is a collaboration with Rico James of Self Portrait. The result: the rap song about local food systems you never knew you needed. Dig it.

Friday, October 6, 2017

VIDEO: "Transform" - Apathy, JynxINC & Jibba "The Gent"

This hilarious animated video is the first cut on the Underground Hustlin' 62 mixtape, which is hosted by Connecticut legend Apathy and available for pre-order now. It also features a few of the 802's most motivated rappers: Jibba "The Gent" alongside the tag team of Krypto Man and Eyedos, better known as JynxINC, one of Vermont's longest-running and most prolific groups.

And everyone is on their A+ game here, because...well, you know: Apathy.

Machete Ish Records has been putting in a ton of work in 2017. Eyedos has released a killer solo LP, Guerrilla Bars, which features Ruste Juxx, C-Rayz Walz and Kool G Rap. (That track slaps, too -- check out "Gun Smoke" if you haven't already.) Then he dropped another album, the sprawling posse cut blitzkrieg that is Minds Eye Tribe.

Still to come in 2017, though, is a new JynxINC full length, "Devil May Care Too" -- a sequel to their '05 album which drops on Halloween. Guest features include Slaine, Intrinzik, and Killah Priest.

Jibba "The Gent" and Eyedos will both be playing sets next Saturday (Oct. 14th) at the Khaosity Birthday Bash at Social Club & Lounge. 7 pm. $2 until 10 pm, $5 after that. 21+.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

ROUNDUP: Hip Hop Shows in October

Oct. 6th - 33 1/3 Anniversary of "The Cultural Bunker" at Club Metronome - This is a huge party honoring one of the true founders of "Vermont Hip Hop," by any standard, DJ Melo Grant. Naturally, this will feature an all-star cast of DJs, like Big Dog, Cre8, Sexfly, Luis Calderin, and Nat Woodard. There is also going to be an epic cypher with Konflick, S.I.N.siZZle, Jarv, and Learic trading bars over Es-K beats. Be there. 9 pm. 21+. $5.

Oct. 9th - Brother Ali at Higher Ground - One of the best to do it will be swinging through to support his new album, All the Beauty in This Whole Life. He's bringing along some top-notch support, too -- Sa-Roc, Last Word and Sol Messiah will also be playing. 8 pm. $20 adv / $22 door. ALL AGES SHOW.

Oct. 14th - Khaosity Birthday Bash at Social Club & Lounge - Khaosity has been hustling hard in 2017...reckon he's earned a big party. And this will be big: current lineup goes a little something like Jarv, Jibba The Gent, Eyedos, Mister Burns, Kingbread, Suss Brim, BL SPITZ, HatePH34R, Modest, Corty Booth, Drive and JMC Ent. 7 pm. $2 until 10 pm, $5 after that. 21+.

Oct. 19th - Third Thursday at Monkey House - Third Thursday is always a family celebration, but this one is going to be special. Portland, ME madman / rap hobo Brzowski will be playing in support of his impressive a.f. new album, Emnityville. This cat is at the top of his game right now. There will also be a set from Wool See, aka Portland, OR rapper/producer IAME, who recently moved to Vermont...and released a new album, Leaving/Left. Still not enough? Fine. Jibba "The Gent", will also be rocking the Monkeyhouse, and the evening kicks off with a set from Khaosity & Drive. 9 pm. 18+ $8 / 21+ $3.

Oct. 20th - WRUV presents Milo and Sammus. As part of WRUV's "Rocktober" series, they've been kind enough to make some space for beats & rhymes. Milo having an amazing run, building a genuine indie empire with his Ruby Yacht extended family. Sammus is an awesome emcee from Ithica, NY with an unforgettable stage show. Also, Sam Paulino will be opening, fresh off his triumphant South Cove EP, one of the best Vermont releases of 2017.8 pm. $15. ALL AGES SHOW.

Oct. 20th - East Coast Indie Jam at Club Metronome - this is a huge networking event in addition to a rap show. There will be a lot going on upstairs on the 20th. Current line up hails from all over: Spocka Summa & Friends (RI), Colby Stiltz (VT), Dommy Divine (MA/CA), Spilt Soul (FL), Twenty Piece (DC), and Swizzy B (CO) -- with more local support to be announced shortly. 8 pm. 21+. FREE SHOW.

Oct. 27th - Boomslang Album Release Party at Sweet Melissas - Boomslang will be releasing their new album, Attack the Vampire, on a Friday night in the capital city. Maiden Voyage is co-headlining, and surprise special guests will also be in the building. 9:30 pm. Under 21 $10 / 21+ $5.

Oct. 28th-29th - Fear Fest is a private party in Royalton, VT. (A good town to be holding a private party in.) Party is being thrown by Yours Truly Inc, and there will be costume competitions and bonfires aplenty. This will be a two night BYOB party with tons of music - current lineup is Judge da Beast, Bar None The Best, Dee Block, EyeDos, Jarv, BL Spitz, Biozone, I.M.L, and JMC. $15 / $20 VIP

Oct. 31st - Jonwayne at Club Metronome - Jonwayne is an unlikely looking rap superhero, but he dropped one of 2017's best albums. He's on tour with young Texas spitter Danny Watts, who just released an album on Jonwayne's label (and quit his job at CostCo -- congrats!) Also on the bill: EMV and an opening set from Loupo, who definitely deserves the spotlight. 8:30 pm. $13 adv / $15 door. 18+.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

VIDEO: K. Sparks ft. Nation - "Make America Fake Again"

Es-K is an all-time great already. In terms of Vermont producers, the man is without equal. His catalog, his reach, and his consistency all prove it. The past two years have seen him evolve from expert producer -- cranking out quality beats at an unholy pace -- to Executive Producer, putting in the work to transform a collection of songs into a cohesive final product.

You can hear this evolution over his past few collaborative LPs with Loupo, but the real payoff was "Building Bridges," his recent album on Bucktown with General Steele. That album was an exceptional piece of work, and it looks like Es-K has done it again.

"Make America Fake Again" is a single off the upcoming (Oct. 15th) K. Sparks album Urban Couture, and it's a powerful video. K. Sparks is an NYC rapper / entrepreneur -- like Es-K himself, a busy, high-functioning artist at the top of his game. It's a combination that really works, and the album promises to be another exceptional release.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

TOMORROW: Kosha Dillz @ Nectars

Underground legend Kosha Dillz will be bringing his #KEEPITKOSHA tour to Nectars on Monday night. He's worked with everyone from C-Rayz Walz to RZA, and on the 2nd he'll be joining an excellent local lineup: Learic, Mister Burns, and Khaosity of Heartless Ent.

Should be a great night at BTV's most iconic venue. 9 pm. Free show. Gravy fries. Can't beat it.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

VIDEO: Judge, Hess, Rich - "100"

Fresh visuals from the Bar None The Best extended fam. Shot in NYC, the video features some tasty wall pieces in addition to three tight, menacing verses from Judge Da Beast, J-Hess and M. Rich.

You can catch Bar None The Best on Saturday night at Gusto's in Barre, performing at The Fall Come Up, a celebration of hip hop in their hometown. They're bringing along an A-List lineup, too: Judge Da Beast, S.I.N.siZZle, Jibba "The Gent," NYT and the entire Street Religion crew. 21+ Show is free. Buy some albums.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Cleaning Up The "Vermont Artists" Sidebar

Now that we've got an office, a budget and a small army of interns, we're doing some cleanup. First on that list is the "Vermont Artists" index that's on the sidebar of every single page and post here. I've cleared out the easy stuff -- like all ten of my own side acts that were cluttering things up, for instance? I've also taken down a few listings because the artists were retired, elsewhere in the world, or worse yet, deceased.

No need to leave a comment here. Nobody does and nobody should. Instead, let me direct you to our Facebook page, where the conversation is ongoing. You can also email me directly - I was dumb enough to list my personal inbox in plaintext on the internet, it's over there on the sidebar.

Let me know if you want to be listed and you're not. Let me know if you're listed and you want the link aimed at somewhere else. Thank you.

Update: Yes, the office, budget and interns were a joke. We'll be running a .com before that happens.

Friday, September 22, 2017

JARV: A Birthday Appreciation

"Lets begin it like this, the definition of a rap flow, Imma get up in it and twist..."

250,000 views and a couple tours around the country later, it's safe to say this video changed Jarv's life. 2017 has been a good year for the young emcee, who has been gigging constantly in support of his new album, The Boiler Room. That album dropped January 1st and it's still the top contender for Album of the Year today.

Contests come with a built-in audience, of course, and it's impossible to exist online without being reduced to clickbait. Like, for instance, NERDY WHITE KID JARV SPITS INCREDIBLE FLOWS -- that happened. Just the same, though, "Slackjaw" is a simple video with no guest features, no gimmicks, and a producer nobody outside of New Zealand has heard of.

That video just broke 100,000 views, and it's just dude rapping in front of a post office. That is juice. That is clout.

Jarv is also, famously, a nice guy. He just made the local news this past week for going back to his old school and teaching kids about hip hop. Hell, they called him "a professional rapper" in print, too. Because it's true. There's not that many of those, here in Vermont.

Tonight, Jarv is in Mass at Hawks & Reed. Tomorrow, though -- Saturday night -- will be a birthday party with Maiden Voyage at Windsor Station. That promises to be more than mildly insane.

If you're in the area, you know, be there. It's a great bar and there's no cover. Buy a CD.