Monday, June 9, 2014

"I'm Back" - J-Brook

This was released shortly after Barack Obama was elected to his first term. I admit it, I slept. Although the video itself is charming -- and very Rutland -- the real gem here is the comment section. "I promise you dear internet, no one else in Rutland acts like this," pleads one concerned which someone replied "RUTLAND IS HARD BODY DUDE WHATS GOOD." Not sure if that was a co-sign or what. Kids these days, you know?

J-Brook is apparently no longer with us because, to his dubious credit, he was not a fake drug dealer but a RICO-worthy case. He is currently doing a decade-plus bid in some godawful sausage party somewhere on the East Coast. Or as one sage commentator put it: "If you haters only knew what this kid did ... he's the type they make movies about."

There is also a comment from someone named "StrapOnFetus." That's real.

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