Thursday, September 18, 2014

Watch Mc Topic be taken down by an elderly woman in a wheel chair.

Mc Topic has been highly prolific in the Midwest rap scene since leaving his home state of Vermont around 5 years ago. As a member of Burlingtons Somewhere in the Solution he helped create a scene that has been pumping out some seriously great hip hop over the past few years. But Topic didn't stop rapping when he left Vt. 

After moving to Omaha Nebraska he quickly formed the Hip Hop/EDM hybrid crew Purveyors of the Conscious Sound with midwest natives Jake Dawson, Liz Graham and Andy Boonstra. PCS has played amazing shows headlining clubs, opening for major touring acts and playing festivals with groups including 311 and The Wailers. But after 3 full length group albums, his own solo record Sonic Architects is nearing completion.

Topics new video for his lead single Nosferatu is equal parts nasty hip hop word play and hilarious youtube clip. It is suggested viewing for anyone who likes hip hop or loves there Grandma.

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