Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vergennes Rap Battle Ends Badly/Hilariously

Actual headline from The Addison Independent: "Rap battle in Vergennes ends with one concussion, one arrest" ... okay.

"Vergennes police jailed a Northlands Job Corps student on June 30 for allegedly assaulting a fellow student after the second student won an informal singing competition."

"Police said that Djeisson DePina, 20, of Norwich, Conn., was involved in a “battle rapping” competition in which he and another student performed a rap song and a group of other people chose the winner. After the other student was chosen the winner, DePina allegedly punched him to the point where the other student sustained a concussion, police said."

"A Vergennes officer cited DePina for assault and lodged him at the Chittenden County Correctional Center."

No word on how soon FREE DJEISSON t-shirts will be available for sale, but we'll keep you posted. Our condolences go out to the state of Connecticutt...hopefully their rap scene can survive the loss, yeah?

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what an idiot