Thursday, November 14, 2013

Get Familiar: Colby Stiltz

With a huge show coming up this weekend, it was high time we had a chat with Colby Stiltz, the motivated madman who is coming up from Florida to rock his home turf in the 802 once again.

Thirtyseven: What was your first rap show in Vermont?

First rap show in Vermont was in Burlington at the defunct "2nd floor nightclub" now called LIFT. The event was put on by a group called Animal House lead by NYC native Sha Mecca Blaze. After that one was my first gig at Nectars w/ DJ A-dog & Nastee featuring Termanology. They put me on for flyering all over the city to promote their "TRUE SCHOOL Wednesdays," it was dope!

Thirtyseven: You've been busy as all heck in sunny Florida...where should Vermont heads start, if they want to get caught up on the majesty of Colby Stiltz?

Colby Stiltz: It's dope being in Orlando, there's so many connections to network with, and the weather doesn't suck. To catch up on all things STILTZ, follow me on social media man, my website is and I keep that updated. A big outlet I use to share music is my SoundCloud. All of the projects I've done are available on there, "Showtime," "Escaping Insanity," "Higher Learning" and the most recent is "I Don't Wanna Grow Up."

Thirtyseven: What is your next project gonna be?

Colby Stiltz: NEXT PROJECT IS HUGE! ...and, a shit load of fuckin' work. But I love it. It's called DOWN-TO-EARTH and it's an EP produced by my homie from NH, BeatsDaily. It's mixed by Toledo's Ryan Jumper and all the video's are done by Vindicate Media.

Thirtyseven: Would missing this N.O.R.E. show be a huge mistake, a tragic mistake, or the worst decision someone could make in their entire life?

Colby Stiltz: My Family at A.S.A.P ENT. WENT OVER THE TOP WITH THIS ONE!!!!!! Yo, if you live in Vermont, NH, MAINE, anywhere close and you're a fan of would be a fuckin HUUUGE mistake to miss this shit! N.O.R.E is a legend in the game and has impacted all of us with his music over the years. Even if your a backpacking underground cat, THIS is the Hip-Hop vibe you've been waiting for in VT. Also, he's dropping his final album "Student of The Game" and hanging up his mic, so this will be one of your last chances to see the man N.O.R.E aka Norega aka Papi .... EVER! (and I'm not just saying that)

Thirtyseven: What can we expect from your set this Saturday?

Colby Stiltz: Oh MY set??? Maaaannn I got some tricks up my sleeve. I've been delevoping this new freestyle I re-create each show. We play the instrumental for 10 Crack Commandments by Biggie and I spit the 10 RAP commandements off the dome. It's different each show. Also, I'll be performing my Higher Learning joints like "Take it to the Top" and will be mostly spittin this "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" shit like "Excuse Me" and "Dreams." Obviously, energy will be at an all time high, I can't wait to vibe the fuck out with the 802 on this one.

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