Tuesday, August 26, 2008

News from The Aztext

The Aztext have been steadily raising the bar on Vermont hip hop, and along with The Loyalists, they've elevated our scene to a national level. Their last album, The Sacred Document, was truly impressive and packed full of just plain banging songs. They also raised the bar for guest appearances: the album featured Mac Lethal, One Be Lo, and the super-dope but under-rated Rich Mo.

They're also really down to earth guys and true fans of hip-hop culture. When I asked them what they're up to, one of them got back to me right off with this update:

"Right now, we are taking some time off from the live-show scene, to work our recording our third LP. We are at the very beginning phases of getting the record together (gathering beats, concepts...). The lineup will consist of the usual suspects, Dub Sonata, E Train, Touchphonics, Framework, Double AB... but, if everything goes as planned, will have some exciting surprises. We hope to have something by May 09."

They've also got some major news on the way, but I was sworn to secrecy. Get psyched, though...I will say that much.

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