Friday, August 22, 2008

The Loyalists -- Redemption (2008)


1 Maximum
2 Gasoline
3 Third Strike
4 Machine Gun Alley
5 All In A Days Work (feat. Louis Logic)
6 Denora Hill (feat. Melinda Wiggins)
7 Endurance (feat. The Aztext)
8 Sunday School
9 Loyal Theory
10 Compatible Opposites (feat. Planet Asia)
11 Impulsive Wandering

Like I've already said, every single track is a gem. This is a truly impressive piece of work, and I highly recommend this if you're into quality lyrics and beautiful production. Or if you're into classic boom bap hot shit. Or if you're into progressive hip hop that pushes boundaries and innovates. It's that good.

You can also get Redemption on iTunes, but I myself don't use that evil shit.

The Loyalists are currently in San Francisco doing shows and building their rep. I wish them the best in 2009, they've put in more than enough work. Once again: Buy the album right here.

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