Thursday, August 10, 2017

Es-K & Loupo - Symbiosis

Just in time for summer's closing act, we've got a fresh new soundtrack from Es-K & Loupo.

These two beat sculptors & sample composers have been honing a psychic bond for years now. Loupo helped co-produce some installments of the Spontaneous Grooves series and showed up again on Es-K's last two solo albums, Mantras in Motion and Passages.

Last year, the duo dropped the "Sanctuary" tape on Chicago-based BLVNT Records. That was a damn fine project, yet since then, each of them have released Lifetime Achievement™ level albums. Loupo's glittering dreamscape Good Company has been getting him rave reviews and worldwide plays, and of course, Es-K dropped his monumental Building Bridges project with Boot Camp Klik legend General Steele.

With Symbiosis, Es-K & Loupo reconvene at the peak of their powers. They're masters of the balance between building hypnotic space and giving the listener an interesting, evolving ride. It's well worth the trip.

You can also cop this on limited edition 10" vinyl while supplies last. See Cold Busted for details.

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