Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Eyedos Presents: MET

As promised, the Minds Eye Tribe album has finally dropped. This is packed with bars and bangers, and a testament to how much the scene has improved in the past decade. Which is not to say heads weren't dropping quality albums back in 2007, they were just fewer & further between. There's been a lot of heat so far this year.

Again, props to Eyedos for the quality control and sheer work ethic. For the record, the full, official lineup for MET runs as follows: Eyedos, Trips, Polar Beers, Trono (Self Portrait), Krypto Man (JYNX Inc), J-Zila, Stresselbee (Epidemiks), Ademus and RuffNek. There's also a half-ton of other guests in the mix here.

Both Trono and Eyedos will be performing at the Regional Indie Hip Hop Compilation Release Party (RIHHCRP) at Club Metronome tomorrow night.

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