Thursday, July 6, 2017

Colby Stiltz - "Beef Stew"

After a diss track from Judge Da Beast -- and a follow-up shot from M. Rich of Bar None The Best -- we've got a response from Colby Stiltz. Personal punchlines, beatbox intro, and full studio production: it's on, approximately. Atlanta trap is perhaps a weird direction to take it, but "weird" has been part of the STILTZgang aesthetic for years now.

"My one and only response for the fans of hip hop in this state," reports Mr. Stiltz. "Doing it for the culture and for fun and to show these guys I won't be dissed on my home turf. Peace and love is what runs Vermont and we will defend that!"

Not sure if I should make a DJ Vlad joke or a DJ Kayslay joke, but either way: enjoy. It's going to be an entertaining summer from here.

Stiltz & Posse will be in the house for the upcoming Regional Indie Hip Hop Compilation Release Party at Club Metronome on the 20th.

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