Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bar None The Best - "Grind" ft. Termanology

When Barre heavyweights Bar None The Best dropped their debut EP, Green Mountain Sound, they established themselves as hip hop purists, Boom Baptist fundamentalists who were aiming at the top. I don't mean they're here to dominate our little fishbowl -- although that's certainly true -- I mean that Bar None The Best are looking to make a name for themselves nationwide.

Lots of rappers dream that dream, sure, but: these cats might just do it. Unlike your average mixtape messiahs, Bar None The Best have a working blueprint and some great coaching, too. That would be legendary engineer & industry survivor Nastee, who has been both a producer and mentor for this young group. (Nastee has been putting in work behind the boards for Pro Era, the NYC crew that brought you Joey Bada$$ and Kirk Knight, whose latest project Nyck at Night is ... banger-packed.)

Landing major guest features is a non-negotiable step towards earning recognition. For "Grind," they went big and got Boston emcee Termanology, who went from mixtapes to actual Unsigned Hype to working with DJ Premier. Then they sought out Myster DL, a prolific director with a serious catalog, to do the visuals right. Then they debuted it on The Source's website.

This is what I mean by a working blueprint. You cannot argue with results.

The duo have promised there's more material on the way, too. No word on an album yet, but obviously, their buzz will be escalating from here. Stay tuned.

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