Friday, June 16, 2017

Eyedos - "The Coalition"

Longtime Jynx Inc member Eyedos has stepped out on his own in a big way this year. Always a hard worker, he's been building a national network over the past five years and the payoff has only just begun. Check out the guest list on his solo project Guerrilla Bars - alongside 802 fixtures like Learic, RuffNek and Trono you'll see Rakaa Iriscience, C-Rayz Walz, and Kool G Rap. (That track bangs, by the way: peep "Gun Smoke.")

"The Coalition" is a posse cut slam-fest with serious reach - V-Zilla is an Army of the Pharaohs affiliate from Houston, Ruste Juxx is a Boot Camp purebred from NYC, also the home of Screwball alumni Blaq Poet. The production is perfectly tailored for showoff sixteens and everyone delivers the goods.

Happy Friday.

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