Friday, May 19, 2017

Humble - "Premonition"

Bless the Child emcee Humble dropped a solo album outta nowhere last month, and hot damn, it is a solid piece of work. Thanks to a cool half dozen local producers -- and the mastering expertise of Zach Crawford, aka SkySplitter -- it nails the feel and sound of 90's rap tapes.

The big surprises on this album? Old Gold's long arc of beat tape experiments has really paid off. A number of the most impressive, future primitive bangers on Premonition are his. Humble's writing game continues to improve, too: check out his bars on Matchbook and, most especially, his monumental concept cut "I am America."

Overall, this is a great damn release and a big win for the Bless the Child / Anthill orbit, a crew that grows stronger every year.

(Should you feel that you need to read about this release even more, check out Seven Days. Got you covered, bud.)

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