Monday, February 13, 2017

Loupo - "Letters" ft Stephanie & Max Bronstein

Loupo has already given us two tasty albums of jazz-heavy instrumental hip hop - 2014's Transitions and his 2015 followup Enigma. Late last year, though, he released Moods, an experimental & expansive EP that was heavy on heady remixes. Clearly, he's been doing some growth as an artist, and it sounds like his next album will be a big statement.

On February 25th, he will be releasing Good Company through soundcloud collective MelodySoul. He's kicking off the countdown with "Letters," a single featuring Stephanie on the vocals & Max Bronstein on some slick & meticulous guitar. It's pretty clear Loupo isn't content with just banging out beats, he's aiming to become a full-on, real-deal, Quincy Jones ass producer of dope music. "Letters" is a carefully calibrated, lush track. This album should be pure flames if this here is any indication.

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