Wednesday, February 15, 2017

General Steele & Es-K - "Persistence"

Last year, Vermont producer Es-K released a world-class album called Building Bridges in collaboration with NYC rap legend General Steele of the Boot Camp Klik. Since then, their project has been racking up spins around the planet - actual radio spins of actual 180g vinyl, too.

Like any independent artist with quality product should, they've been pushing it hard ever since. This Cisco directed video for "Persistence" features VVS Verbal & Louie Skaggs and a whole lot of Green Mountain panoramic beauty.

The team at Bucktown USA have just released a followup bonus, the Building Bridges Cypha, which features 17 emcees going in on a theme. Maiden Voyage madman Jarv is included in the roster, fresh off tour with RA the Rugged man and joining the Royal Rumble here at lucky number eleven.

Rounding out the 802's contribution is Crusty Cuts on the scratches. All power to the DJs; the world needs more scratch breaks.

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