Friday, May 20, 2016

Sound Affects Recap - Waking Windows Hip-Hop Showcase

A new monthly Hip-Hop Community Event - Sound Affects - held it's premiere event on May 7th as part of Waking Windows Music Festival in Winooski. Their 2-Hour Hip-Hop Showcase went extremely well & got people excited for their monthly events, to be held at Arts Riot, starting on June 30th.

If you weren't in attendance, you missed out on a truly amazing experience. The energy in the intimate venue (Oak45) was infections & all of the artists displayed a high-level of professionalism & talent.

The Showcase started out with the host, Mertz, passionately performing a song that speaks to why the time for us to all come together is now. The Live Mixtape portion followed & grasped the audience's attention while 8-artists performed songs in rapid succession, blended together by DJ Kanga. Peace to PreciseMC, Self Portrait, Boomslang, LoKi, Manus feat. Dakota, Budnick, Enemy Self, & Bar None The Best for being a part of it!

Next, 4-artists with new projects in the works showcased their new material in longer Featured Sets. Eyedos provided an enthusiastic set - Forest Gray brought his production on stage - Humble displayed his innate energy - & Mister Burns lived up to his reputation as one of the hardest working artists in our state!

The Showcase came to a close with an energetic Freestyle Cypher, where the group Cworner Stwore provided live music (MPC, Stand-up Bass, Clarinet) while a myriad of lyricists freestyled their hearts out! Every Sound Affects event will end with a Freestyle Cypher while we stand united, fighting against the misconception that Hip-Hop artists are not 'real' musicians.

Check out their Video & Photo Recaps from the event, courtesy of their sponsor DVP Cinematography Services! Peace also to their sponsors Unknown Arts & The Sticky Brand!

If you love Hip-Hop, connect with them on social media (@SoundAffectsVT) in order to stay updated on their monthly events!

See you all at Arts Riot on June 30th!

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