Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Remembering DJ BP

As many of you know the music community took a big hit with the sudden loss of Ryan Morin aka DJ BP. Ryan was a past member of The Lynguistic Civilians a long time collaborator with The Aztext and member of the group UnKommon while also serving a DJ for a multitude of occasions around the state. DJ BP had an immense love for music. Not only making it but being a true fan indulging in the inner workings of a song taking appreciation for the most subtle things that most don't pick up on. He had an incredible spirit and positive energy that many were able to encounter through years of performing live around Vermont and beyond. His group UnKommon with his longtime friend and collaborator Kin, recently released their new project titled Back In The Building. Take some time to listen to this album and pay tribute to DJ BP. The Vermont Hip Hop community will sorely miss his presence.

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