Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dereliction of Duty

My apologies, daugs and daugettes: I definitely snoozed though October here at Vermont Hip Hop, and that's a damn shame, because against all odds, October turned out to be the busiest month for rap music in the 802 so far this year. Just in terms of sheer volume of shows, releases...damn. Now, October and November is always grind time for our hardest working (don't front, you know it's true) rap group, Lynguistic Civilians. They're firing up their awesome "Tossin' Turkeys Tour," which is a barn-storming mobile party to raise money and donations for food banks around New England. Which, again: is awesome.

What really separated October, though, was how much national-level talent came through our humble state. Kicking off with Cappadonna, we sprinted through Black Milk, Flying Lotus, Blueprint, and more obscure acts like Los Angeles power weirdo Busdriver, or nerdcore rap gods MC Lars and MC Chris. Zulu Nation youngblood Miranda Writes came through the Monkey House in Winooski, and superhuman emcee Homeboy Sandman graced Signal Kitchen for free. I's almost been like Burlington is a real city, you know?

And through it all, your humble correspondent has been asleep at the wheel.

My reasons are immaterial, my excuses matter even less. Just know that I know, and I'm back on the job.

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