Thursday, June 5, 2014

July 5th: Team DILLIGAF CD Release Boat Party

There's a lot to explain here, and I won't pretend to fully understand it. I do hugely approve, though. It is no surprise to see SIN SIZZLE and Jibba The Gent involved -- they've both been working smart & hustling hard in their respective lanes for years now. This appears to be a WWF-style crossover mega-event uniting the Vermont and New Hampshire rap scenes for some debauchery out on Lake Champlain. In other words, this appears to be awesome.

Here's their official promo copy, since there's too many moving parts for me to do this justice:

#TEAMDILLIGAF is set to release their newest album Change The World. Join us July 5th at 1 King St Burlington, Vt to kick off on the party ferry. LIVE back to back performances by artists: Cause And Effect, Somewhere In The Solution, Brain Gang, S.I.N. Sizzle, Reese45 and #TeamDilligaf!

Boarding starts at 6:30 and boat leaves at 8:00 SHARP so get there EARLY. Boat gets back at 11:00 for the after party at Zen Lounge! (165 Church St Burlington, VT) Buy tickets online at or contact any of the artist directly. $20.00 Per Person.

More info about TEAM DILLIGAF on The Facebooks.

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