Monday, May 26, 2014

Get Familiar: Stefan Eisler

My name is Stefan Eisler. I've been here in Vermont my whole life, travelling over the past year off to different states here in the USA (Texas, Florida, Arizona) but shortly after each departure I wind back up in Vermont. I spend my time doing push-ups, making music, and dissolving the problems of the world wherever I can help. My rapping powers gained force at Serenity Acres Goat Farm in Florida, and I brought them back with me. After completing my first two albums, I took off to the desert regions of Tucson Arizona where I spent about a week in a travel trailer in the midst of the desert. Though it came quick to my realization that the world was flying by me back here, and I returned home to work on extending my album "Untold" into "Untold (to the Fillest Extent) and take care of the hearts of Vermont.

Download "Untold (to the Fillest Extent)"

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Mountainer said...

You are the fillest man I know