Saturday, January 11, 2014

Neffy: Vermont Rappers Making the News

Props to Brattleboro MC Neffy for getting some prominent press in the Bennington Banner.

Obligatory "Rappers in Vermont?" Copy:

"In a town of museums, art galleries and the Sage City Symphony, hip-hop might seem like a faraway art form, a music genre that exists on the radio and Internet -- but not on Main Street. However, while it may not be the Bronx, Compton or Atlanta, on Friday night Bennington showed it is home to a passionate flock of fans willing to brave minus-15 degree temperatures for a rare dose of live hip-hop."

Give Jack McManus some credit, that could have been much worse. In another 10 years, maybe local media can retire that horseshit altogether?

Meanwhile, Neffy is doing exactly what anyone in a backwoods-ass state like Vermont must be doing if they're serious: working his ass off. He's building a team, staying focused on business, and constantly releasing new projects.

"Although I'm not what people would consider famous, I still make money off of music, I'm still popular in various parts of the nation. I'm not on the TV or radio, so people say ‘oh, you're not even famous,' but at the same time, we're still doing numbers and traveling and playing shows."

Amen. Cheers to everyone in the 802 putting in work.

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