Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Witness comes to Burlington, November 7th

I checked out Pennsylvania artist Witness recently -- and hot damn, the kid is good. He's coming to Burlington on Wednesday the 7th, but unfortunately he's playing at Kriya Studio, which is one of the most amateur venues in Burlington history. I'm writing this in hopes people go out to support him anyways, because his music is worth listening to. He will be playing with local fixtures 2nd Agenda, and the show is apparently free.

Honestly, it's really hard to tell what is going on, based off the Kriya Studio website, which actually lists the show at "Whitness" -- which has to be one of the funniest typos of 2007. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER IF YOU WANT TO HELP THE SCENE.

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Justin Boland said...

YO THE SHOW IS STILL GOING ON, and I'm still on the bill. Witness is also bringing Unsung. The promotion did suck, it's kind of last minute, but god-damn, we're going to do a good show tonight. Thanks for the publicity, and I agree on Kriya -- they submitted that same dumbfuck typo to Seven Days today for the listings. Amateurs with good intentions don't help the scene unless they have their shit together.

Let me know if you want any content from me, I'm happy to do interviews, give you mp3s to give away, whatever you need.