Friday, October 12, 2007

New Album from The Aztext: "The Sacred Document"

The Aztext have been hitting it hard for awhile now. It's rare to see a group so focused and clear about their path to success, and these guys are a case study in What To Do Right. They always provide high-energy shows, release high-quality tracks, and they're also polite, generous and outgoing dudes. On top of all that, their business game is nailed down tight: they get consistent high-profile gigs and they've netted a sponsorship with the area's best clothing company, Fundamental.

Their debut album, Haven't You Heard?, featured some impressive guests, like Boston legend Krumbsnatcha, Double AB, and even Lyricist Lounge heavyweight Wordsworth. The Aztext are outdoing themselves for The Sacred Document, however, bringing on One Be Lo (from Binary Star), Rich Mo and Mac Lethal.

There's going to a (huge, essential) album release party on November 24th at Nectars in Burlington. The evening will be hosted by E-Train of the Loyalists, and opening acts include Burnt MD, Wombaticus Rex, and The Truth. Apparently there's a lot of other special guests to be announced -- I'll keep updating this as news trickles out.

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