Saturday, July 8, 2017

MET - "Survival" ft Raw Deff

Perpetual release date rollbacks are, perhaps, the fifth element of hip hop. "Detox Dropping Soon" set the tone for a decade of both commercial and indie rap, a new era where social media made it easier than ever to announce new projects -- and somehow, harder than ever to finish them.

That's why a genuine work ethic stands out. Eyedos has been on a serious tear in 2017, following up his epic solo album Guerrilla Bars with a new group project, MET. That's short for Minds Eye Tribe, and there's a heavy Army of the Pharaohs vibe on this lead single, "Survival" -- just some classic summer "rape your bitch" jams, you know?

Eyedos also mixed and mastered this, which is worth mentioning because this is a very professional sounding product. As his skillset continues to expand and improve, he's becoming a major asset to the scene.

"Survival" is a preview single -- joining Eyedos and Raw Deff on the mic here, we've got Trono from Self Portrait and Polar Beers, which is one of the best rap names I've ever seen in the 802.

This MET jawn won't even be the last Eyedos full-length project we see this year: there's also a JYNX Inc comeback album coming out on Halloween. He understands the paradox of staying visible in an over-saturated world -- the more momentum you gather, the harder you have to work. Salute the hustle.

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