Thursday, November 8, 2007

Egon's Vermont Hip Hop Top 10

1. The Loyalists. I'm willing to admit most of this list is only opinion. But you're crazy if you don't agree that The Loyalists have set the bar for Vermont Hip Hop. Nobody makes tracks as good as these guys right now. myspace.

2. Rhythm Ruckus. Still my favorite Vermont Hip Hop act. These guys are insane to see live, and they'll be playing at The Tinder Box in Brattleboro on November 16th. (All Ages, $5, go see for yourself why these guys kick ass.) myspace.

3. The Aztext. I've given these guys props before, they have their business game and live show down better than 99% of hip hop, period. They will be celebrating the release of their CD on November 24th at Nectars. myspace.

4. Nastee. Makes beats, holds down VT Union, has occasionally dope verses, apparently he's a mixing engineer, too. Definitely one of the main entrepreneurs holding down the Vermont scene. myspace.

5. Burnt MD. Another busy, busy man. Burnt MD has been bringing Burlington some of the best hip hop it's seen in years, and it's been huge having the hip hop acts come DOWNTOWN instead of fucking Higher Ground, home of the $10 jack and coke. Everyone owes Burnt MD a thank you. myspace.

6. Wombaticus Rex. They might never release an album or get their shit together, but I still love their tracks, which are all given away for free on their website. Wombaticus Rex will also be at the Aztext CD Release Party on the 24th. myspace.

7. Tha Home Team. Hip hop is a live art form, and every time I see these guys, the crowd is going nuts. They always have high energy, even if I can't understand much of what they're actually saying sometimes. Hadi has a ton of great rhymes, too, and definitely steals the show on the mic. myspace.

8. Kahlagh. Best producer in the state, by far, and somehow hardly anyone works with him. Don't know what the deal is there, but if you've been sleeping: please stop doing so. myspace.

9. DJ A-Dog. Vermont's own skateboarding sneaker freak super DJ celebrity, if you don't know about this guy you're living in New Jersey. And even then, you should have heard of him. myspace.

10. Fuck a #10. I just wrote this to stir some shit up, only a couple cats have even acknowledged that I'm doing this site, and I'm doing it for you. If you have a problem with this list, let me know. If you dig it, let me know. Thanks.


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Thirtyseven said...

I dig it...thanks for doing what you...did? Is this still going? Please start it up again, we need the publicity.